Company Business: Our principle business is the purchase and resale or rental of single family houses in the Tuscaloosa and Jefferson County Alabama areas. Our manager has been a professional real estate broker since 1996 and real estate investor since 2000.  We buy several single family houses per month and would like to buy more.

Company Operation: We offer flexible plans to buy and sell houses that allow sellers and buyers to move out or in very quickly with no hassles.  Regardless of a sellers reasons for needing to sell, we will work a solution. If a seller has a house that is vacant, needs repairs, or has fire damage, we can help. If the seller is facing foreclosure, is behind on payments, owes liens, is 100% financed, is being transferred, facing a recent job loss, or has two house payments and just wants a way out, we can help.

Property Types: We buy distressed properties as well as properties in move in condition. On occasion we wholesale properties to other investors. We also rehab houses and then place a buyer in them. We usually have at least one rehab taking place at any given time. We can handle all the repairs and closing matters for you hassle free.

Buying Methods: We pay cash, we lease properties, and we option properties depending on the seller's situation and needs. We have many flexible plans to help a Seller get on with their lives regardless of their situation.

Selling Methods: We have several plans for selling houses which allows us to sell very quickly compared to conventional methods. This includes retailing, owner financing, leasing with an option to buy, and more.  We assist the buyer with the financing and are involved every step of the way.

Price Range of Properties We Handle: We handle all price ranges and all sizes of houses.

Protection and Contracts: We handle all of the necessary paper work and all closings are overseen with a local Real Estate Attorney.  Great care is taken to assure that all documents adhere to state and local guidelines.