If You are Behind on Payments, Don't Let the Bank Take Your House and not Pay You a Dime.

You Can Still Get Some CASH for Your Equity. If You Don't have any Equity, You Can Still Save Some of Your Credit if we Buy Your House Before it is Foreclosed on.

You don't have to give everything up just because you're facing foreclosure!
If you stand by and do nothing the bank will eventually send out the Sheriff to your house and he will order his men to pick up your furniture and all your belongings and throw them out on the curb. Just imagine the embarrassment when your neighbors see this.  Your house will be lost and your credit ruined. There is just no need to let this happen. But you can't wait till the last minute.

Did you know that a foreclosure may be on your credit for up to 7 years?
That's right! Your credit will not look good for up to 7 years. It will be very difficult for you to buy another house. You will pay higher interest rates even on car loans assuming you can find someone that will give you a loan.  Even your insurance rates may go up due to a foreclosure being on your credit. Financial experts all agree that a foreclosure is the very worst thing to be on one’s credit. It's even worse than bankruptcy

There is no cost to you for us to help you.
In fact, in most cases you will gain CASH by calling. We can at least give you information about foreclosures even if we can't help you or if you decide not to work with us. There is no obligation to you when you call. The information we give you is FREE and you can use it or not.

Time is important! Don't delay.
We can't help you if you wait too long. If you wait until the last day or so before the foreclosure date, we may not have enough time to do what we need to do to help you. Call us today and let us see if we can help you out of your situation.

You can call 24 hours a day for a FREE recorded message or speak to someone at our office at (205) 759-9899. Pat will email us your message and we’ll return your call ASAP.