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Walter E. Baker, President Action Group Enterprises, Inc.

I find Cindy Tolbert to be a person with strong character and convictions.  She does what she says she will do and is a very honest person.  Cindy is very involved in real estate and is constantly attending classes and doing whatever it takes to learn more about the business.

I have known Cindy for years.  Cindy has a great working knowledge of real estate from the ground up.   She has been involved in marketing new construction as well as pre-owned homes.  I have watched her purchase a house in poor condition and transform it to the nicest place in the neighborhood.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cindy Tolbert to friends or anyone else looking to do business with her.

Walter E. Baker, President
Action  Group Enterprises, Inc.

Linda Johnson Gardendale, AL

Dear Ms. Tolbert:

I Thank you for all your help in the recent sale of the property at Green Grove Drive in Tuscaloosa.  Having to handle the sale of a home when you are in one city and the property is in another is always trying, but you made things so simple.  From the time I made the call to the number on your letter, to the closing of the property.  I was able to avoid having to make a trip to Tuscaloosa, thanks to your help.  The little extra things you did, such as meeting me in Birmingham with the contract, all the calls and emails to make sure everything went smoothly, for all of this I thank you.

I will certainly recommend that anyone who is in the market to sell their property “as-is” and have the whole process handled professionally and honestly contact you.

Again I thank you for making a very unpleasant circumstance a pleasant experience.

Linda Johnson

Wade Caple 2556 County Road 222 Cullman, Al 35057

I had a house in Tuscaloosa that had become a burden due to the distance from Cullman and the fact I had retired and didn’t want to spend my time with rental property problems.  I had listed the property in real estate but it did not sale.  Cindy Tolbert approached me to buy the house and offered for me to finance.

This has been a great opportunity for me as I have a regular monthly income with no problems as renting, collecting rents, maintenance insurance or taxes.  The income has been very regular, on time with no worries or excuses.

Wade Caple